I’m thankful that I have a normal job and something (hopefully) useful to do, and goals to strive for and dreams and visions in mind. That I’m currently “muddling along just fine” (see previous post). That I have such a thoughtful and accommodating employer (the University of Alabama) advisors and professors and also friends who are making it possible for me to work with them. I know full well that I’m not doing this on my own strength. Not that I get special or preferential treatment or anything. I have to be a graduate student just like everyone else, but at least, because of the ‘special chairs’ in each of my classrooms, I’m able to breath and speak in class (if I strain my neck too much, that all becomes difficult). Thankful for my current health and that the whole past year – past 2 years actually! – life has been so blissfully normal. No crazy hospital adventures or other traumatic-ish experiences.

And now I want to go out and change the world.

“No matter how far you’ve come in life, don’t forget to look back and see who else you can take along with you” (a quote I once read somewhere, but I don’t know who said it)

Good night.

p.s. I wrote this in my own diary initially, but then figured: when gratitude is shared, it’s multiplied and others can share in the joy too. Good stuff shouldn’t be kept to myself.

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2014 – Looks like we made it

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