Some people might wonder how I can “waste” an hour trying to open a bottle of wine, or “waste” 4 hours, a whole morning, preparing a fancy breakfast of scrambled eggs with spinach, tomato, garlic, cheese, onion, and mayonnaise for myself.  Wouldn’t it be wiser to just give up (…or maybe ask for help?) when you realize something is taking “too long,” and choose to spend your time on something more useful, more productive, instead?

Well for one thing, Mirjam does not “give up.” Once I’ve gotten an idea in my head (e.g. “I want wine.”) or started something, I will not rest (well, I might rest, as needed, but after I’ve rested, I’ll get straight back to work) until it’s accomplished.  And second of all, if I had that kind of attitude (I don’t wan’t to ‘waste my time’ on things that take too long), then I would never accomplish anything. I would starve to death and my nails would grow from here to Tokyo, because everything costs me a fair amount of time and energy.

Now some people (or part of me) might say: Especially knowing that everything takes a fair amount of time and energy, shouldn’t you choose your task more wisely? (meaning, I should only spend my energy on the necessary tasks such as showering, cutting my nails once in a  while, cooking healthy, nutritious, simple meals (nothing too fancy that would take “too long” to make), and spend the remaining energy, if there’s anything left over, on other useful, productive tasks)

And sure, I know fancy scrambled eggs and bottles of wine aren’t necessary, but they’re nice. and sometimes I want something nice too.  and I don’t care if it takes a while to get it.  In fact, the amount of time and energy invested seems to increase the amount of enjoyment and pleasure I get from it. (usually. There have also been times when I spent almost 5 hours preparing a meal, and in the end could hardly enjoy it anymore  and was thinking about all the other stuff I could have done with that time).  There is something so satisfying and magical about that moment when the cork finally pops off that bottle of wine, after you’ve been struggling with it for literally an hour, and you get to taste that sip of red wine you’ve been craving all week….



(p.s. I rarely drink alcohol, but all week, for some reason, I had been strongly craving red wine.  Yesterday I finally got it).

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1 Response to Time

  1. Paul says:

    We all do silly thongs which take tpo much time. We get children and find out that there are long years when the kids don’t want to cooperate, but we don’t give up, do we? We start on a project which might take 25 years to complete, but we don’t give up. Einstein started on a theory but never saw it proven, Hawkins developed it further but it will take many generations before we get anywhere, but we do not give up, do we? Most of the time, the beauty is in the jpurney and the arrival is not so important.
    Enjoy the grapejuice and the breakfast, but most of all, enjoy the making of it.


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