welcome to my journey

Hi, this is my blog. Here you can read about my experiences, thoughts, reflections, dreams, memories, opinions, observations, good times, bad times, and the occasional piece of creative or abstract writing.

This blog is divided into 3 main categories:

In the category ‘My Life in Poland,’ you can read about my move to Poland where I’d never been before and didn’t know anyone. Learning a new language, making new friends, adapting to a whole new culture and level of independence, and my first job ever.                                                                                                  
The category’Hospital stuff and the disability thing’ is about dealing with medical stuff and having a very rare disability thing: ehlers danlos syndrome, the kyphoscoliosis form (a.k.a EDS type 6),  

The category ‘reading the Bible and thoughts on Faith’ contains essay-ish reflections on how I read the Bible and experience my faith.                                                    

and the category ‘regular chitchat’ contains pretty much normal reflections, anecdotes, and updates. I try to keep this category mostly lighthearted and easy-reading.

Then there is an ‘other’ category for anything that isn’t about my life in Poland, has nothing to do with the disability thing, isn’t something theological, nor particularly light-hearted.

On the right side column of this blog, you’ll also find some tags of more topics I’ve written about on this blog.       

One more thing: at the bottom of each post there are links to random other posts of mine. (don’t know how to switch this feature off yet), if you get really curious and click on one of these and start reading: please just check the date (year) that it was written and know that that I’ve changed quite a bit. ;) 2002-2005 were my highschool years and some of those posts are rather…awkward.

Oh, and the title Turtles Travels, refers to my nick name “the turtle.” in college, my friends and I decided to each adopt an animal nickname – from the animals in the stories by Toon Tellegen, which we used to read to each other before dinner. Sometimes we’d read a bit from the Bible, and sometimes a short story by Toon Tellegen about the animal friends in the forest :) I chose turtle because it suits me: I’m kinda slow (not mentally though), and sometimes hide in my shell.   Also, quite recently, I was inspired by someone (not sure who, unfortunately. It was an interview on the radio, I just happened to turn on the radio toward the end of the interview, when she mentioned this….) who said she felt inspired by baby sea turtles.  They just hatch out of their eggs, make their way over to the big wide ocean and live. She said she felt inspired by that sense of trust those turtles naturally seem to have.  They don’t worry about how they’re going to find what they need, or whether they know enough to get by. They just go for it :)

So I like to think of myself as a brave turtle, who embarks on new adventures with that kind of attitude and faith.



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